Reading Plan

Online Version:

If you’re looking for a consistent reading plan to help you journey through God’s Word, then let us help you. Here’s a suggested reading plan…

Click HERE for an online reading plan.  It will take you to a page of assigned readings for each day. For 2024 we are challenging our group to read through the New Testament. You can join in at any time.

If you have questions about anything you read or would like other ideas of how to approach reading the Bible please let us know.


Printable Version:

You can also print your own copy here: Bible Reading Calendar
(If you print two-sided with short-edge binding, it will print out as a booklet.)


As you read the Bible, consider the following questions:

1—What is it teaching about God/Jesus?
2—What is it teaching about mankind?
3—Does it reveal a command to be obeyed or a sin to avoid?
4—How am I personally challenged to change?
5—How am I personally encouraged to live in a more God-honoring way?
6—Are there truths that could be beneficial for others in my life?
7—Are there any verses that would be beneficial for me to memorize?
8—Is there anything I did not understand or are there questions I need to ask?

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