“With all the different meothds of sharing the gospel, how can we know which one is best?”  

“How can I help someone know how to become a Christian?”

If you’ve ever asked these (or similar) questions, keep reading. 

First of all, keep in mind that there are many great approaches that can be used in sharing our faith with others.  It’s good to be familiar with differnt approaches, because one method may work better than others depending on the person you’re talking to or what they’re going through.  (Alhough, it’s not unusual for individulas to have a “preferred” approach that they are more compfortable with than others.)  With that being said, there are some key truths that should be conveyed in order to help someone truly understand their need for Jesus Christ and how to begin a relationship with Him.  The tool below will help with that.

Secondly, many approaches may seem to require converstations to go in a specific direction or order.  This may be stressful for some as they try to over-think how to weave it into their conversations.  However, we need to realize that there can be some very natural and sincere approaches to sharing the gospel with others.  With any method of sharing the gospel, it’s helpful to know it so well that you can seeimingly “deconstruct” it and adapt it to fit multiple conversations. The key, again, is to make sure you address the main points of the gospel found within the method you’re using. 

The tool provided below centers around key concepts regarding God, man, Jesus Christ, and man’s response to Jesus.  After you read through this tool, compare it to the methods you use to see how these truths are presented.  (If they are NOT addressed in a particular method, you should probably consider finding an approach that does.)  Then, when you are sharing with others, you can be sure to focus on those elements, even if the converstaion doesn’t begin with (or seem to follow) the typical/intended order.

This tool can also be used as a stand-alone approach to guiding your gospel presentations.


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